As an established business our primary focus is delivering value to our long term clients. This means we can only take on a limited number of new families each year. Rest assured that if you join the BWG family, you too will be our priority.

Are you a successful family grappling with the transition of control, income, and equity in a way that preserves family values, stability and legacy…?

The transition of wealth can be complex. We provide experience, capability, confidence, and with you develop an action plan to move this forward in a structured way, reducing family emotional and financial risks.

Our broad team skillset and people first approach means families find we can help them clarify their long term objectives, and develop a project plan to work through the key issues that need to be resolved.

For over two decades we have developed the financial maturity and skills of our clients and their children. It doesn’t happen overnight so the process needs to start somewhere. Though our proven process of clarifying a families unique values and understanding issues and complexities, we are then able to work with the family group to move them towards the outcomes they hope for. Our broad mix of external professionals bring specialist skills and knowledge where needed and it is through this collaborative approach that we facilitate great outcomes.

Are you proud of your family household income, wanting to make it work as hard as you do?

Our process starts by getting really clear on where you are now and where you want to be. We then work with you on the alignment and prioritisation of the family’s short medium and long term goals.

We provide strategic advice and solutions around family wealth structures, asset protection, and investments that are relevant and congruent with your personal preferences, ambitions, risk tolerance, stage of life, and timeframes. Through this you gain an Understanding of the relevant trade-offs, and whether you are off track or on track to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

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Are you transitioning from business ownership into the next phase of your life and seeking greater time freedom and reward for sacrifice? After all we only get one shot at life…

Pulling off a successful transfer of the business to the next generation or a successful sale isn’t easy and it takes time and planning to maximise the chance of success. Through our process of understanding the financial needs and personal objectives of the business owner we are then able to build out a range of options and scenarios with them and put together an action plan and timeline.

We ensure our business owners are surrounded by a best of breed team internally and externally to support them and keep the process on track. There is often a lot of fear and uncertainty around a business transition however when it is managed well the pride of a successful transition sets our business owners up for a wonderful next phase of life. Retiring proud not broken is a common goal we set for these projects.

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Are you in the resources sector and wanting to ensure that the sacrifices you are making now to provide a great life are worth it? We realise you can be time poor and may looking to transition to the next career path or more ideal opportunity

We have been working with resource professionals for decades, with people across different sectors and roles domestically and internationally. Oil and Gas professionals are our biggest niche. Navigating the remuneration benefits and harnessing the surplus income year in year out to build wealth delivers amazing outcomes.

Tax management, Insuring the income, borrowing to invest, the use of family trusts and super funds in an efficient and optimised way that is tailored to each families personal preferences, ambitions, risk tolerance, stage of life and timeframes yields wonderful outcomes financially. Equally as importantly it brings the peace of mind that you are on track and ok.

Are you looking to design a secure transition from full time work, to a self-funded lifestyle?

We realise this is a time of equal weights excitement and uncertainty. Have we got enough, how much can we spend, will it run out are some of the key questions. We love this area of work as our process, experience, modelling and retirement design process brings a clarity and confidence that sets people up for a great retirement.

The relief people feel when they realise they can retire with confidence is something we love being there to experience. Where there is more work to do or compromise to be made it still relieves the uncertainty so a family knows what it has to do. The thought of unadvised retirees second guessing every spending decision due to uncertainty makes us sad. The earlier we get to engage with a family the better the setup can be to avoid this.

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What do we do & How do we help

Family office services

Our family office services offer wisdom, management support and accountability to the process of successfully growing, preserving and transitioning wealth. Our proven process ensures we deeply understand your situation or scenarios and support you through a variety of ways, not limited to:

  • Family wealth succession & establishing family boards
  • Establishing and sitting on family boards
  • Establishing and sitting on business advisory boards
  • Professional sounding board for individuals or families with complexity
  • Family and family business strategy design, project management and support for example;

    • We need a family plan to move us forward or rebalance our focus.
    • We need a business plan to achieve the outcomes we seek.
    • We need to fix things that haven’t had the attention they needed.
    • We have opportunities we need to consider and work through.
  • Legacy, estate planning, succession, philanthropic guidance – The right assets to the right people, at the right time, in the right way…
  • Facilitate external professionals – building out your best of bread team and making sure they are all working in a coordinated fashion to achieve your goals.
  • Strategic review after a lifetime of building – the Winston Wolfe clean-up and simplification plans
  • We act as family CFO for busy successful families. For those who love to direct and be involved we are the professional sounding board and the risk manager.

Private wealth management

Most people focus on their careers, business and family but don’t have the time to understand how to invest well. Many have an interest and would like to build the knowledge but realise at some point that they are better off partnering with someone.

Wealth management is about investing in a way that generates and protects the investment returns you want whilst minimising risk and in a way that aligns with your values and interests.

Some example ways in which we can help:

  • Whole of life wealth management
    • For example, we may need to invest differently for our younger clients than our older clients. We may need to invest intergenerational wealth differently to how we invest the matriarch and patriarch’s retirement funding source.
  • Answering; “Are we on track and ok?” At the end of the day this is what matters to our clients. We provide them with the information to answer the question.
  • Answering; “How much do we need to retire?” Are we over spending? Our modelling and existing experience provides confidence and peace of mind.
  • Risk management – is our risk appropriate for our stage of life? Are our asset protections optimised through structures, insurance, diversification etc.
  • Professional Investment advice and management So that our clients have the benefit of institutional strategies in a practical way.
  • Lifestyle planning and design to ensure that time is being spent in the right way and if not there is a plan to do so.
  • Retirement transition planning advice and management so you can make the most of life.
  • Advice, implementation and management of investment structures such as family trusts, Investment companies, industry and personal super, SMSF etc.
  • Superannuation strategy & management

Our proven process

Step 01

Initial workshop

Understanding where you are now, where you want to go.

Step 02

Clarification of scope

Outlining the terms of engagement

Step 03

Strategy design and advice preparation process

Step 04

Advice Presentation workshop

Presentation of investment plan.

Step 05

Action plan implementation and next steps

Step 06

Proposed annual private wealth and family office services

Where the value of strategy and quality advice compounds.