When Did You Last Re Tender Your Loan?

We haven’t met a rate that we can’t beat so let us do the hard work!
Ever noticed that your bank doesn’t always tell you when they bring out a new product with a better rate? Or that they’ll offer a new client better rates than they will offer you as an existing client? We see this all the time.

Bennett Wealth Group Best Rate, Best Product Offer

A loan is not something you typically shop around for, especially when it is already setup, but if you do it can make a big difference and keep more money in your pocket.

At Bennett Wealth Group, we project manage your loan negotiation to ensure that you get sharp rates, the right product and dollars back in your pocket. We can charge a fee for our service and offer the commission back to you.

And we haven’t met a rate yet that we can’t beat!

By negotiating before we switch banks it means that often you don’t even need to change banks which we all know is a hassle worth avoiding!

And being fee for service rather than relying on commissions means we can still pay the bills.

How it works:

1. You send us a recent loan statement and your current rate.

2. We then come back to you with an indication of the saving we could get you and explain the next steps.

Being Certified Financial Planners with a strong knowledge in investment structuring and tax management we are able to ensure your loan structure is optimized for tax effectiveness. We regularly bring strategies to the table that save many thousands in tax and interest which is why most of our clients are referred by friends of family who already use us.

Many of our larger client loans were fixed for one year this June at 4.5% which is an outstanding rate.

If you want to make sure you have the right loan solution in place, send us your loan statements showing balances and current rates and we will see if we can save you some money.

And if you have a client base who could benefit from an introduction to our services we are happy to discuss a joint venture arrangement.

* Terms & Conditions apply.

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