Bennett Wealth Group would like to thank all of our clients that came along to our family day, this time at the Perth Zoo.

It was a lovely evening to have the zoo all to ourselves with clear skies all around. After the initial food and drinks Mike decided to do a speech but was drowned out with the grumbling of the lions through the trees; probably hearing Mike and thinking it was feeding time!

Later in the night we enjoyed a trek through the African Savannah. We were especially lucky as the zoo staff said all the animals were more active than normal. One notable favourite among the parents and children was the pack of giraffe out for an afternoon graze!

The night was concluded with a barbeque on the grass as the kids ran around impersonating the animals they had just seen. All in all it was a good night at the zoo.

We enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with our clients and their families in such a special environment.

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