Are you a successful family grappling with the transition of control, income, and equity in a way that preserves family values, stability and legacy…?

The transition of wealth can be complex. We provide experience, capability, confidence, and with you develop an action plan to move this forward in a structured way, reducing family emotional and financial risks.
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Are you proud of your family household income, wanting to make it work as hard as you do?

Our process starts by getting really clear on where you are now and where you want to be. We then work with you on the alignment and prioritisation of the family’s short medium and long term goals.
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Are you transitioning from business ownership into the next phase of your life and seeking greater time freedom and reward for sacrifice? After all we only get one shot at life…

Succession, exit, staff incentive planning. Solutions for building and further diversifying wealth outside of a business
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Are you in the resources sector and wanting to ensure that the sacrifices you are making now to provide a great life are worth it? We realise you can be time poor and may looking to transition to the next career path or more ideal opportunity

Surplus income, sacrificing time and family lifestyle, unsure as how to make the next career work financially for the family.
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Are you looking to design a secure transition from full time work, to a self-funded lifestyle?

Capital target setting for retirement. Transition strategy and solutions to provide for a proud retirement on your own terms and timing.
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Proudly Perth-based and privately owned.

Bennett Wealth Group is proudly Perth-based and privately owned by our financial advisers - We understand that this brings alignment of outcomes. Our driving belief has been, if we look after our existing clients the business will look after itself.

We deliberately maintain a low client to adviser ratio which is less than half the industry average. That allows for an innate understanding of your situation and lifestyle objectives. We are then better able to guide you through key events and transitions as your wealth management and life plan evolves. We deliver a high touch advice relationship, careful management and pride ourselves that it is proactive and tailored.

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Who is Bennett Wealth Group and where did it all start?

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Why is it important to have a financial advisor and what type of clients seek our services?

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